CityGrips - Stroller Handlebar Grip Covers

Soft, stylish & comfortable grip covers slip onto any strollers handlebars in seconds. Preventing and protecting against everyday wear and tear.

Avoid grimmy, sweaty hand with durable and easy to wash grip citygrips.

  • Easy to attach.
  • Made of plush durable material.
  • Stylish patterns ake your stroller stands out.
  • Machine wash and dry.

Can be used for almost all stroller handle bar. Both single and double grip. Available in 3 types of grips:

  1. Single (5inch) - $16.90
  2. Large Single (9inch) - $18.90
  3. Double - $16.90

Normal Singpost delivery is $0.90 cent and Smartpac is $3.80 up to 1 kg. Can also visit our sites for more information of the products or alternatively can also purchase from there using paypal or bank transfer.