Ju-Ju-Be - The XY Collection

Introducing the very best bags for dad – the XY Collection by Ju-Ju-Be.

It is a line of stylish, yet practical and durable, diaper and everyday bags for the modern dad. The XY Collection boldly embodies the male paradox. Hybrid functions perform dual duty during and after baby. Classic fabrics with advanced coatings protect and perform. Infused with the DNA at the root of Ju-Ju-Be’s success, each XY bag carries not only a lifetime warranty, but hyper organizational traits and amazing baby bag characteristics that come standard with every Ju-Ju-Be. 

The XY Collection is launched with 5 unique styles : BASE, CLONE, HATCH, HELIX, and VECTOR. Available in 3 colors (except for Base) : “Carbon” (black), “Gene” (dark blue), and “Gray Matter”.

PRE-ORDER starts : 15/08 (ETA fulfilment : by 22/08).