JuJuBe - Sakura Swirl | Whimsical Watercolor | Rose Colored Glass


Sakura Swirl

Eastern winds gently sway the cherry blossom trees. Twirling. Swirling. Petals floating with the breeze. This hand painted beauty balances greys with pale blush blooms on a cloud of white. As with all clouds, this print has a silver lining too. Ju-Ju-Be's new custom Rose Gold hardware harmonizes sweetly with the Sakura Swirl print. Zen achieved.

Whimsical Watercolor

A white canvas washed with a translucent bouquet is featured on our new Whimsical Watercolor print. Dancing brushstrokes form petals with peachy pink hues and leafy branches of dark indigo. Greys playfully blend into a blur and complement the silver lining perfectly. And of course, the Whimsical Watercolor print wouldn’t be complete without Ju-Ju-Be's custom Rose Gold hardware. 

Rose Colored Glass 

Windows glistening in the sun. Looking upwards in awe at shards of blue, grey, and pink stained glass artfully framed with delicate gold. Pale pink gracefully lines the interior and Ju-Ju-Be's custom Rose Gold hardware adds the perfect finishing touch. Gazing upon the Rose Colored Glass print, the world takes on a different hue and all will know the future is bright! Hallelujah! 

The Rose Collection features Ju-Ju-Be's love affair with Rose Gold hardware.  Each print in this collection will complement the Rose Gold zipper pulls, D-rings and logo plate.

Available : 03/04.

Disclaimer : Actual product's print placement may differ from that of stock photos.

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