Smart Bottoms - On the Go Wet Bags


The ever so popular Smart Bottoms On the Go Wet Bags are finally available in Singapore!

Perfect for containing a day's worth of dirty diapers, these bags with loads of fun & colorful patterns are also the perfect choice to store your soft structured baby carriers. Cherished among Tula lovers as they can easily fit both the standard or toddler sizes perfectly.

Talk about multi-functions!

> waterproof!
> size : 16" x 11" (zipper closure).
> materials : inner 100% PUL || outer 100% cotton OR printed POLY canvas.
> features a strap handle with snap so it can easily be attached to a stroller handle or closet rod.
> double layer of fabric for odor protection and durability.
> may be machine washed & dried.


The new POLY CANVAS wet bags will be a permanent option from Smart Bottoms. They are slightly thicker yet soft, printed poly canvas which holds in smells better than cotton, never fades, and is likely to rip or tear when put under extensive stress (more durable). Available designs made in this new POLY material are marked accordingly as : (*Poly Canvas).

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